Staying in the “Zone”

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Did you watch the 2010 U.S. Open?  Were you inspired to go out and try to hit the ball like Nadal?  What happened?  Did you end up making more unforced errors or losing a close match?  Could it be that your actual play didn’t meet your expectations?  Maybe you just aren’t getting into – or staying consistently in “The Zone”.

If you are a recreational player and play matches several times a week and take a few lessons now and then – your game will likely improve somewhat over time, but, before long, be about where you started.  You may experience feeling in “the zone” on occasion, but this feeling will most likely remain elusive.  Frustration may occur as you do the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result (Einstein’s definition of insanity).

However, if you set goals for your achievement as a tennis player and measure your progress toward those goals, including weekly practice sessions with a partner or instructor – and learn methods of attention control, imagery and self-awareness, you will begin to experience more time in “the zone”.  You’ll be playing your best tennis effortlessly and with greater confidence and success.  No player ever stays in the zone all the time, but being it it more than not is a realistic goal.

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